The Princess Bride or Point Break?

A few years ago, casually flicking between radio stations, I stumbled across a movie quiz on one of my local shows. The answer to one of the questions was “The Princess Bride” – and so my childhood came rushing back. I recalled with clarity the numerous times I had sat wide-eyed as Westley scaled the Cliffs of Insanity or traversed the Fire Swamp. In terms of number of times viewed and amount of dialogue remembered I posed myself a question. Was The Princess Bride, based on those criteria, my favourite movie of all time?

I had almost settled the matter in my mind with a hearty and nostalgic yes when a Swayze / Reeves combination free fell into my thinking.

And then there was Point Break.

Based on the same criteria, I was going to have to seriously consider Agent Utah too. Similar in terms of number of sittings and quotable lines, I have so far been unable to make a decision between the two. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated, however I think it is going to boil down to what kind of man I see myself as being or becoming.

Heroic romantic or super-cool rebel? Should probably ask my wife 🙂


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