Authentic Christianity – Esse Quam Videri

My first encounter with the Latin phrase “esse quam videri” (translated – to be rather than to seem) was through reading some notes provided at an exhibition in the city of Dundee on Captain Scott’s ship the RRS Discovery.  The phrase was to be found embroidered on the sledge pennant of one of the ship’s company – Lieutenant Henry Robertson “Birdie” Bowers.

I, like many others, understand and appreciate that the desire for adventurous and courageous authenticity inherent in these three words would have been sorely tested on Scott’s 1910-12 expedition. However something else stirred within me when reading these words. Something spiritual; something holy.

As a follower of Jesus, these words resonated deeply with me and the Holy Spirit continues to use them to challenge and rebuke me towards authenticity and a greater vision of who I am (and am becoming) in Christ. The daily war with the flesh continues, but in these words, I can clearly see where I am travelling to.

If you want to journey this way too, a helpful place to start is:



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