I wrote this paragraph as a story-starter for my wife’s class – she teaches nine and ten year olds and wanted to develop their thinking skills while engaging their imaginations. It’s loosely inspired by The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

Pencils missing: Reward if found!

The first rays of morning sunshine began to pour into Mrs. Scott’s classroom and all was silent at this early hour. Shades of warm orange began to flow in through the windows. Grey chairs were neatly perched on top of desks, like eagles resting on craggy cliffs and workbooks stood straight and tall, tidily beside each other at the front of the class. Everything was as it should be before a busy school day and everything was in its proper place. Everything that is, except the overturned half-empty pencil pots. Outside as the sun rose higher, cascading more and more light into the room, small spots and streaks of colour became visible on the desks and the floor leading towards the classroom door…..

How would you develop and finish the story?


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