Deep Places and Empty Prayers

“The honest cries of breaking hearts are better than a hallelujah sometimes”. So goes the Amy Grant song.

I’ve been thinking recently about prayer. In my life the times and seasons of prayer I recall with most clarity, and those I now cherish and value most, have been those characterised by anguish.

Clenched fists, tear-stained cheeks, a hot heart and nothing to say. I call these my “empty prayers”. Empty in the sense that there is nothing of me in them save for my helplessness and need. I’ve offered these prayers when I have been in deep places.

Sometimes it is a truer and greater faith that calls out from deep places, even though we may be at the very borders of this world and the next when we are there.

Deep in confusion …. Deep in doubt …. Deep in fear …. Deep in abuse …. Deep in addiction …. Deep in despair …. Deep in grief.

He is a wonderful Saviour who journeys down to be with us. A matchless Companion who holds us to Himself. A peerless Rescuer who brings freedom and life.

Jesus works in the deep places and hears every empty prayer.



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