The Throne in the Basement

Imagine your heart as a house. It’s where the real you lives.

Let’s have a look around.

Your lounge is a place of leisure and comfort. Your kitchen the hub of family life and relationship. Your office is where you are focused and productive. Your study for wise contemplation. Your bathroom is your space for image and self-care. Your bedroom a private domain.

But did you know that your basement is a throne-room? A quiet place of reigning influence underpinning your everyday behaviours and attitudes. We are all like this. That throne was made for Jesus. He alone deserves our fealty, but is He seated there?

The Bible calls anything other than Jesus that sits on our thrones an ‘idol’. It may be a someone or a something. It may be good, bad or morally neutral, but if it is the object of our worship – its idolatry.

Idolatry can be understood simply as seeking after satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment in the creation rather than in the Creator. Mostly in essence we just put ourselves on the throne.

Money for me. Power for me. Pleasure for me. Comfort for me.

The irony of idolatry however is that the very things we passionately serve and pursue quickly ensnare and enslave us, becoming a pollutant which seeps into all of life. 

For example.

If the idols of accomplishment and achievement sit on your throne, then your office is likely to be a key ‘room’ for you. Do you spend lots of your time and energy there? Have you begun to think of others as either supports or threats to your success? How do you deal with your obstacles or competition? Do you engage in networking rather than cultivate relationships? Are you tending to the needs of your family and friends? What sacrifices are your idols now demanding from you? Is there any area of your life untouched by their commands? Have you found fulfillment or futility? Are you enriched or unsated?

Remember that thrones are made for royalty, so ask Him to take a seat in your basement. He will sweep aside the pretenders and free you from their bidding. His rule will take hold and transform your house.


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