How to make a Dad

Father’s Day has just passed and I’ve been thinking about the role of fatherhood a lot as a consequence. My kids woke me on Sunday morning with their best wishes and words that were full of compliment, kindness and thankfulness. My wife made time to tell me how much she valued me as the father of our children – but before this has a chance to be misunderstood as a trumpet-blowing exercise, I will say this – I felt fraudulent. The person they were describing was not the dad I knew I had been.

You see, although within me is an ocean of warmth and care for my children – it’s in the DOING that I know I can be better – putting the feelings into practice and BEING a father – not allowing genuine (yet good) thoughts and sentiments to be a substitute for PROACTIVE parenting.

I’ve distilled my focus down to four main areas after asking myself the questions…

“What do my children need?”

“What then should I be doing as a father?”

Here’s what I intend to strive for as I look to become the Dad I long to be – both for and before my children:


To live with courage

To love without boundary

To lead by serving

To leave a legacy


For further reading and food for thought, check out the Mars Hill Blog which has a couple of good recent pieces on biblical fatherhood.



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