A Birthday Worship Word

My son’s third birthday began with him telling my wife that because he loved her so much, he didn’t want her to die. That’s quite heavy thinking for a three year old – especially one who should’ve been occupied with presents, cards and cake.

She told him that because she loves Jesus, when she died she would be with Him forever and that she would always be happy with Him. Quick as a flash my son fired off that oft-asked question “Where is Jesus?”. My daughter, five going on retired, who had been observing, countered with ” Jesus is everywhere” and assumed that was an end to the interaction. Son however is a rather reflective soul. “Where is God then?” he probed. “Everywhere. Jesus and God are the same” responded daughter.

At this point son paused in contemplation at this revelation. Several seconds passed. His reply was a priceless two syllables.


He then bounded and skipped off in that satisfied yet preoccupied way that just-turned-three year old boys do.

“Cooo-oool!” At first I smiled thoughtlessly. Then I wondered purposefully. Had I just witnessed a moment of naked worship? My son doesn’t have the vocabulary we might expect to hear when someone is discussing the majesty of God. His theological terminology is non-existent and he doesn’t speak Christianese very well (yet). But there was something raw and natural in that one reply.

He responded with everything he had; with all that he could. It was his worship word. Such high and lofty truths have inspired thinkers and writers throughout the ages and all across the globe. Son would probably think that was cool too.

I did however have to ask how does the truth of God in Christ continue to grip me? I like to think that behind the grown up expressions of faith that I sometimes offer, that I’m able to be comfortably bowled over by it all and respond with appropriate childlike faith. Kind of like my son. He gave me a lot of joy yesterday – and a little worship lesson too.


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