Ship of Dreams

The commemorations marking a century since the sinking of the ‘unsinkable’ ship have just passed and in the truest sense of the word, it really was a spectacle, in that the story of the Titanic demands our attention, draws our gaze and calls for our focus.

For me, fascination is always to be found in the moments following the last lifeboat launch and the question I keep returning to places me in the midst of the drama. How would I have reacted?

Like the urgent preacher or the dutiful musician? Would I have sought solace with others or at the bottom of a bottle? Perhaps in my panic I might be angry and violent or in my despair I would be ambivalent and passive.

You see I’ve always seen those moments as essentially life in minature. It’s time shared and lost with loved ones, friends and family; decisions to be made, purpose to be discerned and character to be revealed; a certain end and sense of finality to call the great questions to mind.

What do I really value? What do I really prize? What do I really believe?

This is what Titanic means to me.

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